VIP Program


Come on, this is a name suggest and you can really be treated well for joining their program as a VIP without a doubt. This is self explanatory and there is nothing much to be added to this. They consider a professional craftsman or a reseller under this program. This program will offer you a card that you can use to get up to 10% of discount per purchase on sale price of items.

There are certain norms that you need follow like update them with your identity details to join this VIP discount card program. Of course there are a few exclusions that you can find from their list. Otherwise this is a great facility to take advantage out of.


In fact you can get all the details by subscribing for the Jo-Ann Communications Kit to make it easy for you and organization to get all the information in advance. For this you can:

  • Sign up for their newsletters
  • Keep a tab on their official website
  • Enroll in their email list
  • Read through the message boards
  • Use flyers
  • Keep an eye on announcements
  • Learn about the different programs

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  1. I have always enjoyed the VIP discount for years and appreciate that the JoAnn stores offer it to loyal customers.

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