Teacher Rewards

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It is believed that teachers are building blocks of our society and guess what Jo-Ann knows it very well. This is the reason behind their Teacher Rewards program which aims to provide 20% discount on art supplies. All they need is identification of teachers to provide them this discount.

Teachers are required to sign up with this program by filling up a form and rest will be taken care of. Yes they will verify the details as provided and offer various coupons pertaining to this reward system. Moreover, they mail teachers their discounts on a regular basis which makes it easier for them to keep track of things. This is a unique way of thanking professionals who shape up the society. These are professionals who are constantly at work and keep developing individuals with different personalities.

As a means to thank them, Jo-Ann has created this program to keep them motivated so that they can bring out the best of their students. What more can you ask from a store? Jo-Ann is more than just another store because it has catered to different aspects of the community in its own ways. Their approach is remarkable and is looked up with respect.


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