Competitor Coupons

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It is true that coupons can save you a lot and if you can use a competitor’s coupon at a store then it adds to fun. Jo-Ann is all about frolic and enjoyment which holds true with this unique program for sure. Jo-Anns is more than happy to accept coupons from its competitors and gives the same or even better returns for them. This adds another feather to Jo-Ann’s hat making it an unparallel fabric store. It honors coupons from its biggest competitors like:

  • Michaels
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Hancock Fabrics

Of course there is an exception to this because they are honest and do not make false promises. So they do not accept any coupon that they do not cater to. That is if they do not have the product mentioned in the coupon, then they do not accept it. This certainly makes them sincere in their endeavors and makes reliable to their customers.

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